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Question 1. How do I place an order without payment upfront?

For each item you wish to rent, define your desired rental dates using the calendar provided, then add to your cart.

Once you have made all your selections, go to your cart.

If you do not have special instructions, click the red “Submit Your Order” button. 


If you have any special instructions for us, you can let us know in the “Special instructions for the seller” box (located on the lower left corner of Your Cart). For example, if you need to extend your order longer than a weekly rental (see extended rentals), this text box is where you can let us know!

When you are done, click the red “Submit Your Order” button.

In the next screen, please enter your email address and the billing information as required by your Accounting Department.

Note: If you wish to create a log-in please check the box "save this information for next time” and email will be sent to you to activate your customer account and choose a password.

Click the blue “Submit” button.

In the next screen, you will have the option to select your Payment Method.

The default payment method selected is Credit Card. Change this payment method by selecting the Check option to receive a bill for your order.

Click submit, and you’re done!

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided to let you know you’ve successfully sent us your order!


Question 2. Can I reserve items I am interested in and confirm what I want to keep later?

Yes, send us your order using the shopping cart feature! Follow the same steps as explained in Question 1.

Once you confirm what you are keeping, let us know directly:

Kelly@zedonkart.com, 818-693-1082
Or office@zedonkart.com 

Question 3. Am I purchasing my selections?

No, your selections are rentals only. No items are for sale via ZEdonk ART. If you are interested in any of the Fine Art selections we offer for rent, please let us know and we'll be happy to put you in contact with the artist.

Question 4. How do I extend my rental longer than the standard week?

At the moment, we add extensions manually after you submit your order. Please let us know how long you need to rent your items. Select the rental period you need using the calendar that appears on each item before you add it to the cart. This calendar ensures the item is reserved for you the exact dates you need it, but it will not update your price to reflect the extended period if it goes beyond one week.  The invoice we send you will reflect the correct amount due based on the extended rental period you choose.

You can easily calculate your total with our Production Rental Breakdown:

Week 1 = Full Price
Week 2 = 50% of Week 1
Week 3 = 50% of Week 1
Week 4 = FREE

This cycle repeats for weeks 5 thru 8, 9 thru 12, etc.

Your grand total including any additional weeks will be reflected on the Invoice we send you after we receive your order.

Each additional rental week is charged at 50% of the weekly rental rate, so you are still able to estimate your grand total once you fill your shopping cart.

Other ways you can let us know about your extended rental:

Call us, email us, or simply send us a message via the “Special instructions for the seller” box located in the lower left corner in you shopping cart page.

Our contact info:
Kelly@zedonkart.com (818) 693-1082 or

Question 5. Are the prices displayed your weekly rates?

Yes, the price displayed for each item is the Weekly Rental Rate of the item. Rentals between one and seven days are considered a full week rental. If you need to extend your rental longer than one week, please let us know. (see FAQ Question 4)

Question 6. What are your Loss & Damage fees?

For most items, Loss & Damage is four times the rental rate. Fine Art Rental Loss & Damage is equal to the Artist’s sale price to be disclosed in the Invoice. Some special items will have their individual L&D, which will be disclosed in the Invoice.

Question 7. Do I need a Credit Card Authorization Form?

No, but you can request one if you prefer.  For your security and convenience we offer a secure Credit Card Payment option directly online.

Question 8. I submitted an order, and now I need to make changes.

Changes are easy! Let us know what changes you need:

Kelly@zedonkart.com (818) 693-1082