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Welcome to ZEdonk ART!

ZEdonk ART is your one-stop shop for handcrafted artwork for schools, homes, community centers and the workplace. We have a keen staff and a vibrant warehouse chock full of over 7000 pieces of art cleared and ready to rent! We are constantly creating new projects to keep our inventory fresh and lively. We create handmade anything!

ZEdonk ART can dress an entire elementary, middle or high school, from the principal’s office to the Science fair, from a History Class to a preschool classroom. We have created over 1000 handmade hallway banners and posters promoting events, sports, slogans and every club under the sun. We have a spectacular inventory of dioramas, sculptures & science experiments & we can easily fill an art workshop, library, gymnasium, cafeteria or any classroom. We also have felt banners for schools, churches, cults, retirement homes, shelters and community centers. Check out our hand-stitched wall art, collages, bulletin boards, paper mache busts of authors, castles & animals, plus a wide variety of hand-drawn robots, dinosaurs, pirates, flowers, rainbows & ponies galore! 

ZEdonk Art offers over 350 exclusive printed posters by graphic designer, Laura Debole. These gems help create that authentic touch to every classroom, office, college dormitory, teenage bedroom and beyond. Plus everything is cleared!

We now house a unique collection of fine art curated specifically for homes, schools and the community; ‘RealFake’ artist CANTSTOPGOODBOY, cartoonist Stu Sturgis, photographers Katy Parks Wilson & Giampaolo Debole, digital artists Jason Chadwick & Doug Erb, painters; Jane Troup, Elizabeth Anthony, Isabelle Breyer and Tina Frugoli, sculptor and artist ‘Drunk Clown’ Jason Hadley and more on the way!

Feel free to call Kelly anytime 818-693-1082 or drop by our workshop for ice tea and chocolate and we will be happy to show and tell!

Our Hours: M-F 8:30am-4pm OR by appointment works, too. Thanks for shopping ZEdonk ART!!


Siobhan Bradley, Creative Project Manager

Siobhan joined our team in July 2018, entering the ZEdonk Art Arena with a fab attitude and all the enthusiasm necessary to tackle the creative administrative beast! She graduated with a B.A. in Design from California State University Long Beach where she focused on Art History, Western Civilization and Design Principles. Siobhan is a world traveler who is inspired by architecture, art, engineering, landmarks, monuments and her spunky french bulldogs. She is a great asset to Zedonk Art and we are lucky to have our very own bedazzled matador! Siobhan has quite literally taken the bull by the horns. Bravo!


Catherine Salisbury, Creative Cache Manager

 "Catherine the Gumshoe," a UNCSA Animation graduate and 'True Crime' enthusiast slinked into ZEdonk Art undercover, disguised as an eager day player. Too many outstanding skills gave up the ruse and she was quickly promoted to Creative Cache Manager on team ZEdonk. Catherine’s animation know-how shines bright on our social media and her own private-eye cache of creativity is evident everywhere. Catherine’s ultimate career plot is to tell stories and make people laugh...Book her Danno!



Laura Debole, Graphic Artist 

Art Director and Designer Laura Debole graduated from Duke University with a BA in Art History and also attended Accademia delle Belle Arti, Firenze, School of Painting. It was in Florence Italy where Laura fell in love with Italian dynamo, Giampaolo, and their love lifted them back to the states where they fashioned a delightful family of five. Laura has worked as an L.A. based Art Director and Designer since 1989 including 26 years with Matsuno Design Group, as well as six years as Matsuno Senior Art Director and Designer.  Laura currently works as a freelance Graphic Designer through her own company Laura Debole Designs.  Laura is our beloved Graphic Guru. 


Kelly H'Doubler-Crowder,  Owner/Designer/Curator

In 1984 Kelly received a BFA in Theatre from MSU, then worked as Set Designer at the historic Landers Theatre for numerous productions including Sleuth, Mass Appeal and Ladyhouse Blues. Kelly moved to Los Angeles in 1986 and opened REWIND, a vintage furniture store in Venice, landed a job assisting proficient Production Designer Bill Bohnert, best known for the Ed Sullivan BEATLE Arrows, which led to her first Bernie Brillstein job as Prop Assistant on ALF. That furry snowball effect created countless opportunities along with a cache of tall tales and fuzzy memories.

Kelly has been a member of IATSE for 30 years working in the Art & Prop Departments on great classics such as News Radio, The Larry Sanders Show and as Propmaster for 96 episodes of ELLEN, the sitcom, before choosing the more noble profession of Cruise Director for her family of four. This is where Kelly discovered the unbridled LOVE for children’s artwork. Encouraged by Set Decorator and beloved friend, K.C. Fox, Kelly and her daughters created artwork for various productions and soon developed a business to support two college funds. 

Zola and Ede are her moon and stars. Husband Paul is her cosmic blast… and ART is Everything.

Welcome to ZEdonk ART!